Friday, April 10, 2009

Time for Tea

I love going to certain restaurants where I know the tea is great (and hate certain places where I know the tea sucks).  Examples of great tea: Dream Cafe (Strawberry Hibiscus)-so delicious with breakfast, Corner Bakery, Luna de Noche (they can brew plain ol' tea really well), Nordstrom Bistro, Anywhere that serves "China Black plain or flavored teas"-yum!  Asian Mint serves a great hot green tea (as do most Asian restaurants).

Sucky tea: Subway (they can't brew it right!!), most fast food joints (Wendy's), Nestea flavored or sweet tea or raspberry from the soda tap- ew!

My favorite tea to drink at home is loose leaf tea- I loved the Bodum store when it was open on Knox/Henderson.  It was delicious!  For the best bagged tea, I like Harney & Sons  You can find it at Williams Sonoma & Macy's.--probably Central Market too.
Classics: Tea Favorites in Sachets Traditional & Exclusive

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