Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fro' YO

Frozen yogurt shops are popping up everywhere. It is actually getting a little annoying... Orange Cup, BerryBerry, Natsumi, Yogilicious, Gooey's, Bliss and the good ol' TCBY- I mean can they all have these amazing concepts?  What is the freakin' difference?  Ok- sure, some are Organic, some are healthy & post the calories (see below)...but at the end of the day, I want the fun toppings & delicious flavors of yogurt!

So, we had just finished dinner in Plano & saw "Spoonfull" Grand Opening.  And there were tons of people inside-like at least 20!  This place has something to be proud of, a very smart concept, 
Do It Yourself (DIY) Yogurt:

1. Grab a cup "the size of a bucket!"

2. Choose from about 10 flavors- because you are serving yourself, here is your chance to mix & match, take your time, taste a flavor with a tester cup first.  Traditional flavors like chocolate & vanilla & fun flavors like raspberry & cappuchino, or cookies & cream.  

3. Move to the toppings bar- also self serve.  4 kinds of syrup, tons of toppings- again some very traditional like chocolate sprinkles & M&M Candy and creative toppings like marshmallows, fresh fruit-strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, mango, or cereal: cocoa puffs or fruity pebbles, also had granola, coconut, the list goes on & on. 

4. Move up to the cash register where they weigh your yogurt creation by the ounce- $.35 cents/oz.  My husband & I's creations were right around $6 total.

I asked the store employee if this new store was a franchise?  He said, "No, private store, this is the first one."  I told him that they had a great concept- he thanked me.  People love taking their time, not feeling rushed & customizing things their way.

My creation: 1/2 chocolate & vanilla swirl, 1/2 cappuchino & raspberry swirl with strawberries, marshallows, mini chocolate chips & chocolate fudge syrup.  
Hubby's creation: Cookies & Cream & Cappuchino plus mini chocolate chips, chocolate fudge syrup, & oreos (everything chocolate in the store).

Friday, April 10, 2009

Time for Tea

I love going to certain restaurants where I know the tea is great (and hate certain places where I know the tea sucks).  Examples of great tea: Dream Cafe (Strawberry Hibiscus)-so delicious with breakfast, Corner Bakery, Luna de Noche (they can brew plain ol' tea really well), Nordstrom Bistro, Anywhere that serves "China Black plain or flavored teas"-yum!  Asian Mint serves a great hot green tea (as do most Asian restaurants).

Sucky tea: Subway (they can't brew it right!!), most fast food joints (Wendy's), Nestea flavored or sweet tea or raspberry from the soda tap- ew!

My favorite tea to drink at home is loose leaf tea- I loved the Bodum store when it was open on Knox/Henderson.  It was delicious!  For the best bagged tea, I like Harney & Sons  You can find it at Williams Sonoma & Macy's.--probably Central Market too.
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